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The Roosevelt administration from its birth was vigorous in asserting its forceful allegiance to the Open Door and the Monroe Doctrine (both policies invented by the English and sold to the United States) . For these practical reasons as well as out of the sentimental Mahan-Teddy RooseveltAuld - Lang - Syne - Assistant - Secretary - days considerations, Franklin Roosevelt was a large-navy advocate even when disarmament was still a serious word, in 1933 . The state of the navy on September 1, 1933, was this : Its total strength was just less than Britain's and just greater than Japan's .

William B . Phillips, the ambassador at Rome, was a career diplomat of long experience . He pictured the changed position of Italy with regard to Germany . The way was open for correspondence between Roosevelt and Victor Emmanuel . Until peace departed to make way for bombs, when the Italian strategy had failed, the administration was kept constantly aware of the one invariable factor in the European muddle : French and British determination to give no ground to Hitler . The Hitler course was unpredictable .

A week later in July than Gerard wrote, House was so busy pressing Earl Grey to support the thesis that leaguelike co-operation among the powers could erase all European problems without a gun's being fired, that he scarcely had time for noting his regrets over the royal Austrian homicides. Even after Austria-Hungary presented its ultimatum to Serbia, July 23 (or twelve days before Austria, Serbia, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium and England were at war), the administration in Washington continued to take the calm view.

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