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By Jeffrey C. Hall

ISBN-10: 0120176556

ISBN-13: 9780120176557

The sector of genetics is quickly evolving and new scientific breakthroughs are happening because of advances in wisdom of genetics. This sequence regularly publishes vital stories of the broadest curiosity to geneticists and their colleagues in affiliated disciplines.

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Leandersson, A. , Klinman, D. , Weinhold, K. , and Wahren, B. (1999). Immune responses in asymptomatic HIV‐1‐infected patients after HIV‐DNA immunization followed by highly active antiretroviral treatment. J. Immunol. 163(4), 2330–2338. Cho, J. , Youn, J. , and Sung, Y. C. (2001). Cross‐priming as a predominant mechanism for inducing CD8(þ) T cell responses in gene gun DNA immunization. J. Immunol. 167(10), 5549–5557. 36 Liu and Ulmer Comerota, A. , Throm, R. , Miller, K. , Kent, C. , Salenius, J.

Parker, S. , and Hoffman, S. L. (2000). Safety, tolerability and humoral immune responses after intramuscular administration of a malaria DNA vaccine to healthy adult volunteers. Vaccine 18(18), 1893–1901. Ledwith, B. , Troilo, P. , Barnum, A. , Pauley, C. , Griffiths, T. , II, Harper, L. , Beare, C. , Bagdon, W. , and Nichols, W. W. (2000a). Plasmid DNA vaccines: Investigation of integration into host cellular DNA following intramuscular injection in mice. Intervirology 43(4–6), 258–272. Ledwith, B.

One key hurdle was to develop means of inducing robust cellular immunity, specifically CTL. These immune cells play an important role in the containment and clearance of tumors and cells infected with viruses or intracellular bacteria. Cytolytic T lymphocytes may be particularly important for protection against pathogens that induce chronic infections, such as HIV. The mechanism for the induction of CTL requires that the antigen be synthesized within cells of the vaccinated individual; delivery of an exogenous protein, such as the case with inactivated virus and recombinant protein vaccines, usually does not induce CTL responses.

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