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1 pt. A line that is more than slightly longer than \hsize is obviously a serious problem; TEX puts a slug in the margin to make its point forcefully. It’s possible to avoid overfull hboxes altogether by increasing the value of \tolerance. With \tolerance = 10000 there will never be overfull boxes or slugs. The default is \tolerance = 200. 29 TEXbook: 29 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 3: The shape of things to come The width of the slug is determined by the control word \overfullrule. Including \overfullrule = 0 pt in your file will delete any further printing of the slugs.

When \newword{. } appears in the text, it will use the definition of \newword with the 57 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 7: Rolling your own material between the braces inserted into the template at every occurrence of #1 in the original definition. The spacing in the original definition is crucial here; there must be no spaces before the opening brace. As an example, we could use the form letter of the last section in the following way: \def\letter#1{ \par \noindent Dear #1, This is a little note to let you know that your name is #1.

You may want to use \rm within the footnote to ensure that the right font appears. Usually you will not want a space between the text and the control word footnote. 21 This is the footnote at the bottom of the page. 10 Make up a page with a relatively long footnote spanning several lines. 11 Make up a page with two different footnotes on it. 6 Headlines and Footlines The lines for title and page numbers that go above and below the main text are produced by using \headline={. } and \footline={. }.

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